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Aboriginal Classic Collection

Aboriginal Art

Fractal Art

Fractal Art

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Aboriginal Family Connections Collection

Aboriginal Family Connections

Flora Pearls Collection

Flora Pearls

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Aboriginal Feather Earrings

Aboriginal Feathers

op art

Op Art

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We are a small Australian team focussing on delivering fashion and souvenir jewellery to the gift and corporate markets. We believe that good design and quality should also be affordable. Our speciality lies in the merging of graphics and jewellery. Our Fractal Art and Aboriginal Art collections allow you to choose an insert from many different swatches. You can even email us an image for a truly custom look. Our new Aboriginal Feather range of earrings are made from contoured aluminium. Our Op Art earrings focus on finely etched stainless steel bent into a 3D form - ideal for that contemporary look. For gifts to take overseas or for tourists coming to Australia, our Australian Icon pins, pendants and earring collections are ideal. For corporate applications, the options are many because we can design custom pins, badges and other promotional items.