Op Art Earrings

Op Art was a movement (1950-1965) where flat geometric designs were created in a way to fool the eye to produce a feeling of movement or vibration.

We have taken this concept further by bringing flat shapes into the 3rd dimension. Each angle surface in the earring's design reflects light in a different direction enhancing the feeling of vibration and optical illusion.

Our op art earrings are made from stainless steel sheet that has been cut and then carefully bent to create a volumetric design. The earring hooks are made from sterling silver.

opart earrings


Op Art Earrings
  • Round
    Size (cm): 3.0 dia
  • Drop
    Size (cm): 2.8 W x 3.9 H
  • Basket
    Size (cm): 3.2 W x 3.0 H
  • Rings
    Size (cm): 3.0 W x 6.6 H
  • Diamond
    Size (cm): 3.7 W x 3.7 H
  • Square
    Size (cm): 2.7 W x 2.7 H
Size (cm): 3.0 dia



$AUD 40

($1 AUD = $US 0.80 as of Jan 2015)

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